Navigation Products

Navigun offers a broad spectrum of businesses centered around specializations in various fields. Like ERP business Solutions for SMEs, IP Based Security Systems etc. Our effort to provide the kind of products and technologies that exceeds customers expectations are already achieving impressive results.

7 Inch Android GPS

7 Inch Android GPS

4.3 Inch Wince Car GPS

4.3 inch Wince Car GPS

5 Inch Car GPS Wince

5 Inch Wince Car Gps With Bluetooth

7 Inch Wince Car GPS

7 Inch Wince Car GPS with Bluetooth

GPS Vehice Tracker

NAV121B GPS Vehicle Tracker .

NAV100 Car PC

Car PC/Industrial Computer/Multimedia Player

NAV 1040

10.4" LED Touchscreen Panel Computer for human-machine interface

Solar Power CCTV and Light

Hybrid Energy Solutions
For Surveillance, Light and Data
Our hybrid solutions open up new possibilities for
surveillance by using leading-edge technology to
offer up to 448 watt peak solar power. The solar
and wind (as an option) solutions can supply the
energy required by most CCTV camera and
transmission combinations. Our solutions store
energy during daylight hours enabling the system to
operate throughout the night. This is very relevant in
those areas or applications where power is scarce or
difficult to provide and therefore, expensive.
Besides using leading edge engineering skills and
components from Germany and Europe the design
is unique. The vertically mounted solar panels are
designed to conceal and protect access to the
components within a well designed and engineered
package. The vertical alignment of the panels to the
sunlight using lens surface panels technology
provides greater efficiency and output (than
conventional panels).
Our hybrid solutions are customized to solve the
specific challenges faced by our clients.