Industrial Control & Agriculture

Navigun embedded platform could either be a part of industrial control system, or embedded into an individual equipment or machine.

Transportation & Vehicle

Navigun embedded platform could offer both terminal of transportation system and in-vehicle multimedia system.

Business & Education

Navigun Embedded Platform not only helps you to perform tasks more easily, but can also improve work or study efficiency.

Military & Marine

Navigun Embedded platform could be used to be the terminal of specific military vehicle and marine system.

Environment & Energy

Navigun embedded platform provide remote meter reading system, environment data acquisition and storage, etc.

Residential & Smart Home

Navigun embedded platform offers the best solution to a smart home system integrated electrical devices in a house.

Financial & Banking

Navigun embedded platform are used extensively in the terminal of financial information query and display system, etc.

Entertainment & Service

Navigun embedded platform provides the terminal of karaoke system, service call system and tourism information, etc.

Medical & Health

Navigun embedded platform is suitable for the terminal of hospital information display system, remote care monitoring system, etc.